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brittany ray director of sales

Total Staffing Solutions Welcomes Brittany Ray as Director of Sales

Naperville, IL April 27, 2023 – an award-winning staffing agency headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, welcomes Brittany Ray as the new Director of Sales. Brittany brings with her over 17 years of staffing industry experience, providing invaluable expertise to her new role. Throughout her career, she has cultivated a high-level perspective

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texas biometric privacy law

What is CUBI and Why Should Texas Companies Be Aware of the Act?

In an increasingly digital world, how we approach privacy needs to be reimagined. Businesses default to gathering as much data as they can to help increase performance, insights, and efficiency. Yet when consumers’ and employees’ personal information is on the line, two clear questions arise: What actions do businesses need

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TSS 2023 Salary Guide

Total Staffing Solutions Presents: The 2023 Supply Chain Salary Guide

If you’re unable to locate qualified professionals or you’re in limbo looking for a position in manufacturing and logistics, you’ve come to the right place. The growing pains of industry, scarcity of materials, talent shortage, and technology advancements are curveballs many are struggling to hit. Luckily for you, Total Staffing

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Total Staffing Celebrates 25 Years!

Total Staffing Celebrates our 25th Anniversary!   We’re just getting started!  In 1997 we opened our doors in the city of Chicago. 25 years later we are still helping Employers and Employees connect on a daily basis.   With our original location in Bridgeport still the flagship branch of our company,

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