There Are Many Benefits to Meeting Consistently with Employees

As a boss, you likely have a lot on your plate. Managing projects, handling clients, checking in with upper management, meeting your monthly goals…in a busy work environment, it can easily let employee interactions slip. But this would be a mistake. Regular employee meetings have many benefits. Here are just a few.

Deepening Rapport

While you want to maintain a professional relationship with your team members, it should also be friendly. Spending time together helps to build bonds and develop camaraderie. Your employees will start to feel like they know and trust you, which boosts loyalty and makes it easier to work through any problems that arise.

Proactively Addressing Issues

It’s almost always easier, faster, and less expensive to deal with emerging issues before they become full-blown problems. Regular check-ins give both you and your team members the chance to raise concerns as they come up rather than waiting and hoping that there isn’t a sudden crisis.

Informal Feedback

Employees like to know how they’re performing and if there’s anything they should be doing differently. Great managers also want to know how things are going around the workplace and if directives aren’t working out as well as anticipated. Regular employee meetings keep the lines of communication open, allowing you and your workers to give each informal feedback. This can keep things moving more smoothly and ultimately boost productivity throughout your department.

One-on-One vs. Group Meetings

Ideally, you’ll meet with your employees both one-on-one and as a group. Team meetings can be extremely useful for collaboration, getting a wide variety of perspectives, and working together to solve problems. But they shouldn’t substitute for one-on-ones with each employee, which should happen at least once a month. Workers may feel more comfortable bringing up sensitive issues in a closed-door setting. Meeting privately also ensures that all voices are heard, rather than allowing louder or more outgoing employees to dominate.

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