Learn About Person-Organizational Fit and Why It’s Important

You may have heard just how important it is for employees to “fit” with the company. You may even have heard that a good fit is essential for success. But what exactly makes someone a good fit with your organization, and exactly why does it matter? To find out, let’s take a look at the person-organization fit theory.

What Is the Person-Organization Fit Theory?

This theory attempts to explain compatibility between people and their employers. The idea is that when there is a strong match between the person and the organization, there are numerous benefits for both the employee and the team. These may include:

  • Improved work quality
  • Higher productivity
  • Better collaboration
  • Greater employee retention
  • Increased worker engagement
  • Enhanced loyalty and staff ambassadorship
  • If the fit is poor, however, there can be negative consequences. These may include:

  • Reduced job satisfaction
  • Higher levels of stress and exhaustion
  • Decreased morale
  • Lower motivation
  • Diminished productivity
  • Shrinking employee retention
  • The person-organizational fit is a win-win for both team members and employers. But did you know there are two types of fit? For maximum success, employees should be a good fit in both categories.

    Job Fit

    You are probably already familiar with the idea of job fit. This refers to whether a prospective employee meets all the requirements for the position. You want someone with the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform the role correctly. A poor job fit can cause employee stress while reducing productivity. Many employers use assessments and interviews to determine job fit.

    Cultural Fit

    Cultural fit is the other half of the equation, but many employers are less familiar with it. This refers to how well a candidate matches with the organization’s values, goals, and overall daily experience. You’ll want to modify your recruiting and interviewing process to also focus on such concepts as:

    Personal goal alignment with the company mission
    Match between personal values and company values
    Complementary work styles and personality traits with the existing team
    Harmony between preferred leadership style and current organizational leadership

    You may not find an employee who is a perfect match in both job fit and cultural fit. But the closer a candidate is to the ideal in both categories, the more successful the partnership is likely to be. Searching for the right fit isn’t easy, but the rewards are well worth the trouble.

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