Optimizing a Production Client’s Transition to Temp-to-Hire Staffing

The Client

A leading production company based in the western suburbs of Illinois.

The Challenge

The client faced significant obstacles in the implementation of a temp-to-hire program. Recruitment and retention—which are key to sustained production volumes—were only part of the struggle. The client was also preparing for a sale, and the purchasing company needed to approve the workforce model changes before the transaction could be finalized.

Facing a complexity of factors, the production plant manager reached out to Total Staffing Solutions for help optimizing their temp-to-hire program. Our thorough assessment—which leveraged our proven evaluation process and discussions with people at every level of the organization—revealed significant gaps in the transition to the new workforce model.

The Solution

The Total Staffing Solutions team knew a tailored solution was necessary to meet the client’s immediate temp-to-hire staffing needs, as well as the purchasing company’s future requirements. Rather than prescribing a solution from our existing suite of services, we took the time to propose a custom, step-by-step process that would enable the client’s temp-to-hire program to accomplish their end goals.

Our sales team was transparent about the challenges the client could face in the optimized transition process, including issues related to compensation, staff turnover, and adjustment to the new program. For each of these potential problems, we created contingency plans to mitigate risks. The client stated that our in-depth analysis, creative approach, and honesty about positive and negative outcomes—as well as our proactive risk management—made Total Staffing Solutions the clear choice.

After some stumbling blocks—all of which were anticipated and alleviated by our team—we successfully implemented an effective temp-to-hire program for our client.

The Result

The new workforce model was fully in place a month ahead of schedule. With the help of our recruiters, who matched candidates with the right skillsets to temp-to-hire roles, the client was able to sustain their production levels in the process and demonstrate the success of their new model to their customers.

Our efforts have earned us the trust of the organization. Chris, a general manager at the client firm, stated, “I can’t thank Total Staffing Solutions enough for what they’ve done for us during this ever-evolving situation. Their team is a credit to the industry and the best I’ve ever dealt with in my 38 years.”

Reach Out for Custom Workforce Solutions

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