2023-2024 Industrial Labor Survey: What Do Employees Value Most?

The manufacturing and logistics industries have been challenged with high turnover and significant labor shortages in recent years. In fact, experts predict 2.1 million manufacturing jobs will remain unfilled by 2030. Effective talent strategies have become business-critical—which means you need insight into what it takes to attract and retain the workers you need. 

So, what do employees value most in a workplace? At Total Staffing Solutions, we surveyed over 1,200 industrial workers to give you insight into: 

  • What employees look for when seeking new jobs 
  • Why workers leave their jobs 
  • What encourages workers to stay in their roles 
  • What work schedules employees prefer 

Build the workforce you need with actionable talent insights. Download our 2023-2024 Industrial Labor Survey today! 


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