Author: mswistak

Learn How to Stand Out and Impress Your Interviewer

Interviewers are busy, and they tend to see quite a few candidates. You only have a few minutes to grab their attention, but interviews tend to be awkward for many people. What can you do to break through the awkwardness and set yourself apart from the crowd? Here are a

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Follow These LinkedIn Profile Tips When Looking for a Job

A tremendous networking site with over 500 million active users, LinkedIn is a wonderful asset for any job hunter. But it can also be tough to set yourself apart from your competitors. Follow these tips to make your LinkedIn profile truly stand out. Keep It Current It’s important to show

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Why Personal Branding is Important to Your Job Search

You probably already know something about business branding, which is ultimately how an organization makes a personal connection with its customers. But you may be less familiar with the concept of personal branding. If you can nail your personal brand, though, it can help you jump-start your job search. Here’s

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