5 Tips to Improve Your Motivation in the Workplace

Are you feeling a bit deflated and burned out at work? It’s normal to have bad days now and then. But if you’re feeling unmotivated regularly, it might be time to take some proactive steps to boost your motivation. Here are a few things you can try.

Develop a Positive Attitude

A positive mindset can help you feel more motivated and even make you more productive. Try keeping a gratitude journal, practicing mindfulness, and letting go of what you can’t control to change your perspective. It will take some work, but if you make these steps a habit, you will notice your attitude starting to improve over time.

Define Your Purpose

It’s easier to stay motivated when you feel like you are working on something bigger than yourself. You also need to understand how your work fits into the overall picture. If you’re having trouble seeing the purpose in your work, ask your supervisor for assistance.

Set Measurable, Achievable Goals

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do, it’s easy to lose your motivation. Get on top of your projects by setting achievable goals for each day. Make sure they’re measurable and give yourself a small reward when you complete each one. It’s easier to stay motivated if you know what you need to do and something is waiting for you at the end.

Stay Healthy and Fueled

Motivation is tough when you’re hungry, tired, dehydrated, or simply not feeling well. Prioritize your health. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. Drink plenty of water, don’t skip meals, and reach for a healthy snack whenever you start losing energy.

Take Fun Breaks

Every 30 minutes to an hour, stand up and stretch. This will keep your body from stiffening up and give your brain a moment to relax. But when you’re working on a tough project, it’s also important to take regular breaks for fun. If you’re lucky enough to have air hockey or video games on-site, great! But if not, you can have your own fun. Go for a listening walk, in which you try to identify all the sounds around you. Or chat up a coworker about something on TV last night. Exactly what you do isn’t important, as long as you find it fun and relaxing.

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