Getting to Know a Company’s Culture to Make Sure It’s The Right Fit

No matter how great the pay and other benefits might be, you won’t be truly happy at a company if it’s not the right fit. Company culture encompasses everything from work-life balance to employee empowerment. It can determine whether you look forward to working each day or counting down the hours until the weekend. But how can you decide if you like the company culture before you start the job? Here are a few ways to learn what to expect.

Check the Internet

Read the company’s website to see what they say about their values and culture. If it isn’t discussed at all, that could be a red flag. Also, visit both customer and employee review sites to see what you can learn. Be sure to look for consensus rather than putting all your faith in one or two reviews.

Find Connections

Reach out to people who currently work for the company or have recently left. Tell them you’re considering a position there and are hoping to learn their thoughts. Stay professional and overlook any office politics or other drama that they might share. Instead, look for clues as to what life at the company is like on a day-to-day basis.

Look for News Stories

What’s going on with the company? Is it growing? Have there been recent layoffs? Were there recent controversial donations, or is it being investigated for anything? Developing an understanding of the issues the company faces can help you learn what to expect.

Analyze Yourself

Once you have a good idea of what makes the company tick, you’ll need to figure out what you need and want from the job. Figure out what motivates you, what makes you happy at work, and what your ideal work-life balance looks like. Understanding your own needs and desires and under what circumstances you do your best work will help you decide whether the company’s culture is the right fit for you.

Ready for a new position?

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