Learn How to Ace Your Zoom Job Interview

Although a lot of workplaces are now reopening, many companies continue to run their hiring operations online as we navigate the world of COVID-19. This means that sooner or later, you’re likely to encounter a job interview on Zoom. While all the standard best practices are still in place, Zoom adds a whole new layer of challenges. Here are some ways to prepare.

Find a Quiet Space

If you have a home office, that’s probably the best spot for your Zoom interview. But if not, don’t worry. Your kitchen, living room, den, or bedroom will work just fine. Make sure the space is quiet and free of distractions. If others are home, try to do your interview in a room with a locking door.

Be careful of the background. We’ve all seen people on TV who look like they have plants growing out of their heads. Choose a blank wall if possible, or set up in such a way that the décor frames your face instead of looking like it’s attached to you.

Test Your Technology

You’ll need to be at least slightly tech-savvy to pull off a successful Zoom interview. Ensure you have an internet-connected device with a microphone, speakers, and a camera and that your internet connection is strong. Test your equipment the day before to be sure everything is working properly. At least 30 minutes before your interview, double-check any login instructions the company sent you.

Watch Your Clothing

While you should wear standard interview attire, you’ll also need to think about the camera. Skip the dark or bright colors, which tend to blur on camera. Busy patterns could make your interviewer dizzy, while colors that are too close to your skin tone or background could make you look like a floating head. Avoid dangling jewelry, which can reflect light like a disco ball. Also, make sure you’re comfortable, as the camera will enhance any minor discomfort.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Take a hard look at your interview space right before you get started. Make sure your face is lit, either by natural light from a window or a lamp positioned behind your computer. Place a notebook and pen at your workstation, and make sure you have water at hand.

Zoom interviews can be challenging, but with a bit of planning, there’s no reason for them to throw you off. Follow the tips above, and then relax and try to enjoy your interview.

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