How to Create a Resume When You’ve Had Many Jobs

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to change jobs frequently, but you run the risk of being labeled a “job hopper.” No employer wants to invest in hiring and training someone only to have her leave in a few weeks or months. But you can take steps to downplay your job changes and leave the interviewer feeling confident about your commitment. Here’s what to do.

Create a summary statement

Place a summary statement at the top of your resume to guide the thinking of potential employers. Highlight the number of years you have spent in your field without pointing out how many different places you worked during those years. If some of your experience is outside your current field, leave it out of the summary statement.

Summarize your jobs

Save the bullet points for the most recent positions in your current field. If you have some irrelevant jobs, create a section titled Other Experience, and briefly list them there.

Use years rather than months

If you started a job in November 2016 and left in February 2017, list your employment dates as 2016-2017. It’s not dishonest, and it will draw less attention to the length of employment.

Show progress

If your career progression has been on a general upward rise, make that clear on your resume. Short-duration jobs are more likely to be overlooked if you were rapidly climbing the career ladder.

Explain involuntary job changes

If you were laid off or downsized, your job change wasn’t under your control. Make sure you explain this on your resume while detailing everything you achieved while you were there. These job changes should not count against you.

Job hoppers may have trouble finding employment. With a bit of creativity, though, you can downplay your job changes and show your next employer that you are ready to commit. Never lie on your resume, but don’t be afraid to highlight the things that show your qualifications while drawing attention away from your frequent job changes.

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