Learn How You Can Help Build Up Your Employees’ Confidence

If you’re a good leader, you probably put a great deal of thought into managing your team. You carefully hire just the right people, closely follow changes in your industry, set clear goals, and provide the tools your employees need for success.

But you may be overlooking a key component to success: confidence. At first, you might find this silly…after all, you have confidence in your team, so why wouldn’t they have confidence in themselves? Yet, many people struggle with self-confidence, especially in the workplace. Rather than trusting in their own abilities, even your high performers may be good at reading your reactions and figuring out how to do what you want. For your team to truly thrive, you’ll need to help build up their confidence. Here’s how.

Take care of your people first

An old adage in business says that the customer is always right. But putting your customers above your team members is a recipe for burnout and high turnover. Instead, the best leaders follow Walt Disney’s advice: “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Your team is the most important asset you have. Get to know your employees, their hopes and dreams, their fears, and even their personal lives. Build trust. Help them become the best they can be. When they feel heard, understood, and respected, their confidence will naturally rise. This will eventually boost your bottom line as they take a new and innovative approach to problem-solving.

Personalize your approach

Getting to know your employees also provides the information you need to personalize your interactions. Is a particular team member motivated by autonomy? Climbing the career ladder? Working a flexible schedule? Does she aspire to become a manager, or to spearhead a diversity initiative, or to telecommute?

Ultimately, people feel most confident when they are free to be their authentic selves. Personalizing your approach to meet each person where he is now, and to help him grow and develop, will yield a strong, confident, loyal team that feels empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and the company.

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