Follow These Important Tips for Finding the Right Staffing Agency

2020 has arguably been the most unpredictable year in our lifetimes, and it has wreaked havoc on all aspects of life. Though there is an economic crisis and staggeringly high unemployment, many workers are reluctant to return to work due to fears or risk factors for COVID-19. The crisis has also demonstrated the need for companies to remain lean and agile, so hiring a bunch of new permanent employees may not be the right path.

A staffing agency can help you navigate these complex new realities, providing a source of reliable, vetted candidates who are ready to work on a temporary, permanent, or temp-to-hire basis. But not all staffing agencies are the same. Here are some tips for finding the agency that is right for your organization.

Find your niche

Like doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies, staffing agencies also specialize. You’ll want to work with an agency that knows your industry inside and out and has a proven track record of successfully placing candidates in businesses like yours.

Understand how they recruit and make matches

All staffing agencies have their own internal processes for recruiting candidates and matching them with companies. Learn as much as you can about how these processes work. How does the agency find job hunters? How does it screen them? How does it determine whether a particular candidate is right for you?

Learn what differentiates them

What makes the agency you’re considering different from all the other staffing firms out there? What extra value do they bring? Do they offer additional services, or have they been in business for an extremely long time?

Find out what their internal employees are saying

How can a staffing agency successfully match candidates with companies if they can’t even keep their own workers happy? Read reviews on various job sites to get a pulse on how the agency’s employees feel about working there.

Check your gut

There are a few bad staffing firms in the market. However, most staffing firms are good at what they do, but not all of them will be right for you. For your professional relationship to be successful, you need to have a good gut feeling. If anything feels “off,” feel free to walk away, no matter how successful the agency may be. If there are no red flags and your gut feels at peace, then you have probably found an agency that works for you.

Need some new hires?

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