Workplace solutions for all of your Chicago area staffing needs.

Total Staffing Solutions, Inc., the premier staffing agency in the Chicagoland area, can take care of your staffing needs. But providing qualified employees isn’t all we do. We also save you money. We can help lower your employment costs and slash expenses. Best of all, this aspect of our service is free. We’ve helped hundreds of companies save money and become more competitive.

Some staffing companies just send a warm body when you place an order. At Total Staffing Solutions, Inc. we learn your needs up front and send only qualified, diligent employees who match them. We treat our temporary agents with respect, knowing they’ll work harder for us and for you. As a result, only engaged, responsive and diligent temporary employees work here.

Many temp agencies pitch low-ball price quotes to get your business and then provide poor service or unreliable employees. Work only with a company that’s as dedicated to your business as you are. Our clients are committed to Total Staffing Solutions, Inc. because we never fail them.

If your business can benefit from lower employment costs and higher productivity, contact us today! We’re local and can provide all of your staffing needs. Call today to discover the unparalleled benefits of using our staffing services.